Short story Magazine/Anthology Year
Breakfast Serial Terror Time Again 1988
Peacemaker Fright Depot 1988
Uncle Cyrus Noctulpa 1988
The Web of La Sanguinaire Deathrealm 1988
Miss Abigail’s Delicate Condition Noctulpa 1988
Papa’s Exile Deathrealm 1988
Forever Angels Cemetery Dance 1988
Buella’s Pride Witness to the Bizarre 1988
Better Than Breadcrumbs Cemetery Dance 1989
The Skating Pond Terror Time Again 1989
Black Harvest After Hours 1989
The Dark Tribe Tri-State Fantasist 1989
The Hatchling Tri-State Fantasist 1989
Consumption Thin Ice 1989
Dust Devils 2AM Magazine 1989
The Boxcar After Hours 1989
Old Hacker New Blood 1990
Diary Cemetery Dance 1990
The Cistern Cemetery Dance 1990
Flesh-Welder Noctulpa 1990
Negative Attitude The Dark Side 1990
King Cong House Carfax 1990
Oh, Sordid Shame! Deathrealm 1990
The Winds Within Cemetery Dance 1990
Little Bastard Eldritch Tales 1990
Dead Skin Grue Magazine 1990
Yea, Though I Drive Cold Blood 1991
Housewarming Eldritch Tales 1991
The Cerebral Passion Eldritch Tales 1991
Depravity Road Deathrealm 1991
Bookmarks Gauntlet 1991
Blood Suede Shoes Shock Rock 1992
Thinning the Herd 2AM Magazine 1992
Beneath Black Bayou Dark at Heart 1992
Midnight Grinding Borderlands 3 1992
Tyrophex-Fourteen The Earth Strikes Back 1994
Scream Queen Hot Blood: Seeds of Fear 1995
Romicide Cemetery Dance 1996
Exit 85 Cemetery Dance 1996