Nine-year-old Cindy Ann Biggs knew things no one else knew; saw things no one else saw. Ever since she had nearly died of typhoid fever, the gift of second sight had been hers. Only it didn’t seem like such a gift when the kids at school or the citizens of Coleman, Tennessee treated her like an outcast… or much worse. Or when her visions resembled nothing so much as her worst nightmares.

Then her older brother, Johnny, disappeared in the vicinity of the old tobacco barn. And Cindy’s visions began to burn with a bloodthirsty, relentless hatred. What horrors lay buried in the cold earth of the old barn? And how could one innocent little girl hope to fight the terrifying evil – an evil that had taken her brother, and that would now turn on the only witness to its monstrous, merciless crimes – Cindy herself!


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Hindsight cover Hindsight
Zebra Books
350 pages
ISBN # 0-8217-2869-5
(Currently out of print)
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PITFALL (1990)

They were called diablos hoyos…pit devils. Vicious, black-furred beasts that fought in the pit with the raw fury and savage ferocity of Satan himself. For their owners they were a lucrative investment. For the folks of Sulphur Springs, Texas, they were the best entertainment they’d had in a long while.

For Bowie Kane they were his darkest nightmare come true. He alone recognized the dark and ravenous evil that his Apache ancestors had foretold. But Bowie Kane was an outsider in Sulphur Springs. No one would listen to his warnings. And now it was too late to avert the rampage of carnage and terror unleashed on an unsuspecting town.


Pitfall cover Pitfall
Zebra Books
320 pages
ISBN # 0-8217-3069-X
(Currently out of print)
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It was passed down from generation to generation. The legend of the Dark’Un, the strange beast that roamed Pale Dove Mountain. The dark and menacing shape-shifter that none had ever seen – at least not and lived to tell about it—except, so it was said, old Fletcher Brice, who lived at the foot of the mountain.

No one really believed in the Dark’Un. It was just a story to make a child’s flesh crawl. Until Old Man Brice died. Now the people of Tucker’s Mill, Tennessee, would be forced to believe.

Read Ronald Kelly’s “Writing Something Out There

Something Out There cover Something Out There
Zebra Books
406 pages
ISBN # 0-8217-3338-9
(Currently out of print)
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Their kind once ruled the Emerald Isle – with black terror. They spilled hot gore under the full moon and cracked human bones to feast on the living marrow. But Ireland cast these wolf-beasts out and the shapechanging clan of the Howler was forced to move their hunting ground to the new world…

Now the werewolves roam in Old Hickory, Tennessee, preserving their eternal youth on a gruesome diet of human flesh. Once a lunar month, when the moon swells bright, the Howler’s eerie cry shatters the night!


Read Ronald Kelly’s “Writing Moon of the Werewolf

Moon of the Werewolf cover Moon of the Werewolf
Zebra Books
398 pages
ISBN # 0-8217-36265-6 (Currently out of print)
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The citizens of Cedar Bluff, Tennessee have never recovered from the Christmas Massacre of 1978… that tragic day when Richard McFarland, armed with a shotgun, abandoned his wife and young son and selected a rural church for a bloody, murderous rampage. McFarland paid for his crimes in the electric chair. Yet not even death will stop him from finishing what he started…

After fourteen years, Sonny’s father is back. He’d been away so long that Sonny hardly remembered him. But Richard McFarland remembered his only son. And now he will teach him how to kill. Sonny is about to become a deadly force that will be unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens of Cedar Bluff. For when the time is right, he will return to the quiet Tennessee town, bringing death and destruction on an even more terrifying Christmas Day!


Father's Little Helper cover Father’s Little Helper
Zebra Books
384 pages
ISBN # 0-8217-3957-3 (Currently out of print)
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1864: A Confederate soldier named Braxton Heller returns home from battle to find his beloved wife has been brutally murdered and buried at some unknown location on the plantation of Magnolia. For days he digs the battle-scarred earth, but succumbs to pneumonia before he can locate her remains. When he dies and crosses over to the other side, he expects to find her waiting. But her soul isn’t there…

1994: It’s supposed to be the start of a new beginning for best-selling author Laura Locke and her husband, Rick, when they buy and restore a burned-down Tennessee plantation. Yet from the moment they move in, weird things start to happen. Laura’s personality and looks change. Rick becomes obsessed with guns and Civil War history. And their sex life takes on a violent edge. Only when it’s too late does the final piece of a terrifying puzzle fall into place and a chilling nightmare that began over a century before hurtles toward a horrifying climax!


The Possession cover The Possession
Zebra Books
381 pages
ISBN # 0-8217-4368-6 (Currently out of print)
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FEAR (1994)

It was a legend in Fear County… a hideous, flesh-eating creature – part snake, part earthbound demon – that feasted on the blood of innocent children in the cold black heart of the Tennessee backwoods.

But ten-year-old Jeb Sweeny knows the horrible stories are true. His best friend Mandy just up and disappeared. He also knows that no one has ever had the courage to go after the monster and put an end to its raging, bestial hunger. Until now.

But Evil is well guarded. And for young Jeb Sweeny, who is about to cross over into the forbidden land of Fear County and the lair of the unknown, passage through the gates of Hell comes with a terrible price. Everlasting…FEAR!


Fear cover Fear
Zebra Books
477 pages
ISBN # 0-8217-4693-6 (Currently out of print)
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BLOOD KIN (1996)

The vampire curse of the Cravens ended over a century ago when Josiah Craven was buried in an unmarked grave with a stake driven through his heart. But the evil is revived when an unsuspecting Craven descendant unearths the remains of Grandpappy Craven and unleashes his thirst for blood and carnage on the citizens of Green Hollow, Tennessee.

As the kinfolk of the Craven family are initiated into the bloodthirsty clan by their long-dead ancestor, only Boyd Andrews and a small band of willing individuals are prepared to lay their necks – and their lives – on the line to make sure that the Craven curse is finally laid to rest for good!


Blood Kin cover Blood Kin
Zebra Books
381 pages
ISBN # 0-8217-5331-2 (Currently out of print)
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Ronald Kelly’s first short story collection.


Midnight Grinding cover Midnight Grinding and Other Twilight Terrors
Cemetery Dance
424 pages
ISBN # 978-1-58767-182-1
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