Howdy Folks!

I would like to welcome ya’ll to my official website. It’s been a long time coming, but here it is, in the cyber-flesh, so to speak. Make yourself at home and stay a spell.

We’ve got some interesting sections for you to browse; everything pertaining to my own brand of Southern Horror and then some.

About the Author will give you a little background on me and the type of fiction I write. Novels & Collections features my book-length works, previously published as well as upcoming novels, along with fiction collections. Short Fiction offers a complete bibliography of my short stories, from start to present. Audio & Video details any sight and sound offerings I might be involved in. Interviews & Articles features past interviews with yours truly and articles I have penned concerning my own work and the work of others. New & Upcoming Releases lets you in on novels and short fiction that I have in the works or is scheduled for release. The Photo Gallery features photos of book signings, conventions, and such, while the Art Gallery shows off the talents of horror artists who have illustrated my short stories and novels, as well as a few offerings from my own drawing board. Links hooks you up with other writers and artists in the horror genre, as well as organizations and retail outlets to supply you with the best of horror and suspense. And, of course, I’m always available at Contact the Author; if you have questions, ask `em… if you have comments, give `em… or just stop by and say “Howdy!”

At Sample the Storyteller’s Work you’ll never know what you might find… an oldie-but-goodie, old trunk stories I’ve dusted off, or maybe even something brand spanking new. And I invite ya’ll to hang out at the Message Board. Hook up with some old friends and make some new ones.

I’m always interested in feedback on my novels and short stories (be honest; it keeps me humble and walking the line, as ol’ Johnny Cash used to sing) and I promise to add my 2-cents worth every now and then. Or let us know what you think about movies, books, and music, past and present. You can discuss today’s hot topics, too, if you have a mind. Just watch your manners and no cussing!


A Special Thanks To Some Special Folks!

I’ve been gone for a while… ten years to be exact. So I’ve got a heckuva lot of folks to thank for kicking me in the butt and saying “Time to get back behind the keyboard!”

First to those on the homefront. Much thanks to my wife, Joyce, who has put up with this crazy business of writing with a heaping helping of patience and support for sixteen years. To my daughters: Reilly, who loves monsters and super heroes like her old man and thinks it’s cool that I write “scary stuff”, and to Makenna—or “Chigger” as we call her—that little red-headed whirlwind of Irish temper and humor that keeps me on my toes these days. God has surely blessed me with such a wonderful family. I love you all!

A big thanks to the two people I consider to be the most instrumental in leading me out of the safe sunlight and back into the shadows again. First, my long-time friend, Mark Hickerson, who endured my indifference to writing—and horror in general—during my retirement. His tenacity and constant assurance that I had more to offer to the genre finally did the trick. And thanks to Shannon Riley, who assured me that I hadn’t been forgotten and contacted the right folks to set my comeback in motion.

Much appreciation to my future publishers: Richard Chizmar at Cemetery Dance Publications.

Thanks for making this second career in writing possible and presenting my work in a way it has never been presented before. I’m looking forward to many exciting years together.

A special thanks to Rob McCoy, who has become a very close and dear friend during the past year. Definitely my biggest fan, he’s gone far and beyond the call of duty in making me feel good about myself and my work once again. And thanks to the entire McCoy family for the kindness and support they’ve shown my own family during good times and bad.

Others who deserve a round of applause: Mark Johnson, James Newman, Alex McVey, and Katie O’Neill, for your friendship and support. And, last, but not least a very special thanks to Hunter Goatley, the mastermind behind this website. His expertise and generosity has been phenomenal. Thanks for making this dream a possibility, my friend.


Some Southern-Fried Horror Coming Your Way!

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