Coming November 27, 2020, from Crossroad Press: Ronald Kelly’s Season’s Creepings: Tales of Holiday Horror in ebook and paperback formats!

From the publisher:

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree… what lurks among thy branches…

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year. Candy canes and hot cocoa. Snowmen and sleigh rides. The love and hope that the Nativity brings. Cold milk and warm cookies for Santa. Family, friends, and the cheerful laughter of children.

But, beneath the festive wrapping paper and the gleam and glitter of the lights and tinsel, things less jubilant may lie in wait. The holiday season can bring love, peace, and benevolence… but it may also spawn a darkness lurking amid the shadowy boughs of the Christmas tree, ornaments that should have never seen the light of day, let along hung on festive branches, and bones that jingle and dance, in search of Santa’s crimson suit… and the flesh that resides within.

In this collection of harrowing holiday tales, Ronald Kelly leaves ten frightful and horrific gifts in the Christmas stockings that hang from the mantle of your cheerful fireplace. Ghastly and gruesome presents that slowly unwrap and burst into life while you are tucked, snug and warm, in your bed and take on nightmarish form in the icy winter hours of Christmas Eve, turning comfort and joy into terror and dread.

Stories included in this collection:
Jingle Bones
The Skating Pond
Depravity Road
The Winds Within
Then Came a Woodsman
As for Me, My Little Brain
Beneath the Branches
Papa’s Exile
The Peddler’s Journey

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