The first two days of the Helping the Hoss Benefit Book Auction for author James Newman have been a huge success, with bids for dozens of signed horror books surpassing a whopping $1,000 and proceeding at a steady pass. Fans and collectors showed their admiration and affection for James and his family by bidding on signed books by Robert McCammon, Joe Lansdale, Peter Straub, Bryan Smith, Brian Keene, and dozens of other top-name authors in the field of horror and suspense. Phase 3 begins tonight at 5pm Central time with a brand new batch of signed books by your favorite authors. Here’s the line-up for tonight:

May 13 listings

Be sure to check in on the listings as I add them tonight. There may be something among them that would make a great addition to your bookcase… as well as help an ailing writer and a danged good man in the process. See y’all there!