Many of you know about our good friend James Newman’s recent accident and the debilitating injuries he suffered because of it. James is back home from the hospital now, but he’s in alot of pain and will be out of work for quite a while, recuperating and doing some torturous physical therapy.

I am in the process of putting together a benefit book auction to be held on the week of May 11th through the 17th. Dozens of signed books from your favorite horror authors and publishers have been pledged and are arriving at the Kelly house daily. I urge you to join us on eBay on the week of May 11-17 and bid on a book or two. It would be an excellent opportunity to beef up your bookcase, as well as help a good man and his family make it through a very difficult time.

You can read all the details, as well as a long list of contributing authors and publishers on my blog at Southern-Fried & Horrified (see link below). Thanks, y’all!

Ron’s blog post

And here is Ron’s May 11 update post.

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