Restless Shadows

My latest novel, Restless Shadows, is now available as a limited signed edition from Thunderstorm Books. This novel is the long-awaited sequel to my first novel, Hindsight (Kindle edition), and takes Cindy Ann, the little girl with the gift of second sight, back to her hometown of Coleman, Tennessee 78 years later to investigate a brutal triple-murder in the old tobacco barn…one nearly identical to the one that took place in the summer of 1936.  With her granddaughter, Beth, who also possesses psychic abilities, Cindy works to prove a young boy innocent of the crime and reveal the true murderer, who from all evidence, seems to be the long-dead killer, Bully Hanson!

This Black Voltage edition of Restless Shadows will be limited to 70 signed and numbered copies. It features incredible cover art by Alex McVey. Head on over and grab yours now while they’re still available!

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